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Locally built, owned and operated by two brothers. Established in 2004.

Community Involvement & Charitable Initiatives

charleston heating and cooling company sponsors local dance studio

AGL loves to get involved in charity.

At AGL Heating & Air, we value charity and community and make a vigilant effort to be actively involved in both. Our focus on empowering the communities in which our HVAC contractors operate with positive and measurable changes from sponsorships to charitable initiatives has been fulfilling for our leadership staff as well as our team members.

In an effort to embrace this philosophy, our HVAC company offers sponsorship opportunities for local sports teams, races, and philanthropic organizations that empower and support philosophies and missions we believe in. Some examples of our sponsorships include local baseball and t-ball teams, dance studios and more. wall of pictures showing community involvement by agl air charleston sc heating and air repair company In addition to sponsorships, we have been working on developing internal charitable initiatives to support families and individuals in need.

If you are looking for a sponsor for your Charleston community organization or if you have a charitable cause you are looking to support, we encourage you to contact us directly and an HVAC representative will be in touch. We look forward to supporting our community together!