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How to Decide Which Heating and Air System to Purchase

“I saved over $900 heating and cooling costs in my first year. How did I do that?”

Our customers constantly struggle with decisions and costs associated with their heating and air system, such as, “Should I repair or replace? Should I install a Trane HVAC? Why is this HVAC company more? Why is this company so much less? 15 seer, 16 seer or 18 seer? Gas or heat pump? Now or later?”

With the influx of HVAC information on the web, we understand how tough it is on a homeowner to feel confident with their heating and air decision, especially in coastal locations like Charleston. At AGL Air, we do not sell a customer a new system just to benefit our business. Instead, our approach is to inform our customers as best we can so that they can make a confident and educated decision when it comes to choosing an HVAC system.

Some customers repair their old unit and some choose to replace it. If a customer chooses to replace their system they are now faced with an abundance of options and again, each homeowner has to find comfort in a decision.

In a previous blog post we discussed why we sell Trane HVACs, how well it avoids corrosion compared to other brands, and its much lower failure rate than other brands’.

Today’s topic is a discussion on which system of the Trane brand is best. We documented energy bills for a year, replaced the equipment with a Trane unit of our liking, and then documented the energy bills thereafter.

The main reason we choose to carry Trane’s 18 seer variable speed system is because this system can reduce and increase speed, which saves you money on your HVAC system in the long run.

On a 100 degree summer day you probably want your air conditioning system running at full speed, however, if it is only 80-degrees outside your system is wasting energy by running at full speed.

The variable speed system will automatically adjust its speed to help save you electricity. In addition to energy savings, the system will do a better job dehumidifying the air in your home and maintain a more stable consistent temperature throughout the day.

The ability for HVAC systems to change speeds isn’t considered new technology. Small mini split systems have used variable speed technology for years and almost all mini split brands offer only variable speed systems.

We love this system not only because of the variable speed ability, but we also can’t help but admire the way Trane systems are built. These systems are built to last with aluminum coils, foam insulated walls to withstand moisture, home-made components by Trane and of course an installation by AGL Services that is thorough and thoughtful.

In our first year of electric bill comparisons we saved exactly $910.50. Below are a couple energy bill comparisons and a snapshot of each month’s electric bill comparison.


charleston-heating-and-air-2018-electricity-bill charleston-heating-and-air-bill

We never force a customer into a sale. For 15 years the honest and informative approach has worked well for us and we will continue to operate under the same business model. We try to treat and inform each customer as we would our own family, and we offer 24 hr support. For more information about Trane systems and services offered by AGL Air, contact us today.