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How to Know if there’s Something Wrong With Your HVAC

charleston sc air conditioning repair for an hvac system and air condensers

As summer approaches, one of the worst things that could possibly go wrong is the failure of your HVAC system and no access to 24 hour support. Before your HVAC unit shuts down on a hot summer’s day, there are several signs you can look for to avoid total failure and elongate the life of your heating and air conditioning unit. Discovering these signs early on will ensure that you don’t go without AC for any period of time during the hottest months of the year.

Your HVAC system usually gives you a few hints as to when parts of the machinery are feeling under the weather and might need some maintenance. It’s really just a matter of knowing exactly what to look out for and when you should call on professional HVAC contractors to take a look. Check out these tips from the professionals at AGL Services about how to know if there’s something wrong with your HVAC unit:

Higher Energy Bills

Regular maintenance and tune ups are crucial to extend the life of your HVAC system, however one of the most obvious signs that your unit could be having a problem is an increase in your energy bill. If your HVAC isn’t running properly or is outdated, then it might start consuming more energy in order to get the job done, which in the end is going to reflect on your energy bill.

If something doesn’t seem right about the price of your energy bill at the end of the month or if you’ve noticed a gradual increase, it’s time to call on a heating and air conditioning professional to take a look at your system.

New Noises

No HVAC system is completely silent, however there are a few distinct sounds your heating and air conditioning unit will make that will allow you to determine if it is running properly or if there could be some kind of underlying problem. A properly running HVAC unit will make a soft humming sound, complemented by the occasional gush of air traveling through the vents.

Red flags should appear in your head when you begin to hear clanking, hissing, or rattling. Any of these sounds could mean that air is escaping from your HVAC system, loose parts could be blowing around, or a piece of debris has found their way into your unit. You can always check these strange noises out for yourself, but it is best to call on a certified professional to help figure out the problem and possibly extend the life of your HVAC unit.

Musty Smells or Odors

If you have been noticing a musty scent throughout your home, it might just be your HVAC system. There are a few possibilities related to your HVAC that could cause this unusual smell to develop. These may include mold or mildew developing on the condenser coil inside your unit, mold growing from a leak in the ductwork, or even a natural gas leak.

Your HVAC unit can still be saved from a musty smell, but professional help may be necessary to figure out the exact issue. If you notice a smell coming from your air vents, immediately turn off your unit and open windows to air out your house. Then call on a heating and air specialist to figure out how they can save your unit – and the smell of your home!

Struggle to Heat or Cool Your Home

The inability to properly adjust the temperature inside your home is likely one of the most telling signs that there is an issue with your HVAC. It becomes most obvious in sweltering Charleston summers, when the temperature inside tends to closely match the brutal 80-90 degree temps outdoors.

There are a number of issues that could be hindering your HVAC’s ability to properly complete the job. It could be something as simple as a dirty air filter or as complex as a refrigerant leak. Immediately seek help from your local heating and cooling specialists to determine exactly why your HVAC unit isn’t performing properly.

If you are located in the Charleston area, AGL Air would love to help you out with your heating and cooling needs. Be sure to check out our service offerings and contact us today for 24 hour support!