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Pricing.  Typically when buying, the price is the most important part of the decision making process.   If you want to buy a new Toyota, you might compare the prices between two Toyota dealerships and go with the cheaper of the two.

Sadly, in this business it does not work that way. There are too many variables that must be considered in order to decide who is the better company for you and the price is a small portion of the equipment.

We are not rich and we are not becoming rich, but we work hard and we have a respect for our work that is undeniably different than that of most other companies. We find that our pricing is respective to our use of quality materials and quality craftsmanship.

We charge $77 to come and diagnose why your system is not working. We know that some companies offer FREE diagnostics with repairs. We could take on this practice, but we do not want to raise our repair prices in order to compensate for the free diagnostics.

We also offer after hours and weekend service. During these times our employees are paid a higher wage and our insurance rates increase with it. They have families they are leaving behind and we respectfully want to consider that. For these reasons, our after hours diagnostic charge is $105.

Once we have diagnosed your system we will then provide you with a price to repair prior to moving forward.

Customers who use us for routine preventative maintenance always receives 15% off repairs and never pay after hours diagnostics charge. We thank these customers for their continued support.

Senior citizens, military and Firemen will receive 15% off repairs.

To sum it up..

  • We offer $77 Residential diagnostics. 10% is donated to local charities.
  • We determine the problem first and then ask your approval before repairing.
  • Customers who use us for routine maintenance receive a 15% repair discount.
  • Senior citizens receive a 15% repair discount
  • Military receive a 15% repair discount

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